The Irish Festival of Oulu

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What´s on

What's On 2024

13.4. Irish music session

At 19:00, Hemingway’s Bar & Café

17.4. Irish music session

At 19:00, Hemingway’s Bar & Café

30.4. Irish music session

At 19:00, St. Michael Irish Pub

1.5. Tales & Tarinat

At 20:00, Hemingway’s Bar & Café

11.5. Irish music session

At 18:00, Hemingway’s Bar & Cafe

25.5. Irish music session

At 19:00, St. Michael Irish Pub

Irish music session


Irish Music Sessions


Aaron Gorman

Traditional Irish Music Sessions

A traditional Irish music session is a gathering of musicians who get together on a regular basis to play commonly known traditional Irish tunes, share tunes and often sing songs. The traditional Irish music sessions have a long history in Irish culture and are the heartbeat of traditional Irish music. In Oulu, we have an active Irish music session scene made up of around 20 musicians who gather frequently to play tunes, share tunes and enjoy each other’s company. They serve as social meeting point for musicians and fans alike and we welcome everyone inclusively.

All musicians are welcome to attend.

If you are a beginner or want to learn, become involved or just want more information, please let us know by emailing .

Tales & Tarinat with Aaron Gorman

Tales & Tarinat is a new series of storytelling events hosted by Irish storyteller and influencer Aaron Gorman (@irishinfinland ) at Hemingway’s Bar and Cafe. These multilingual events offer a variety of stories from Ireland, Finland and the world. Everyone is welcome to enjoy as a listener or to tell any kind of story or experience. Check out the schedule and bring a friend or make a new one.

If you would like to tell a story or have any questions, make sure to send an email to .

Tales & Tarinat is organised in cooperation with The Irish Festival of Oulu and Hemingways Bar & Cafe.