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osmo hakosalo

Osmo Hakosalo


Osmo Hakosalo

Osmo Hakosalo is a folk musician, researcher and a music pedagog from Oulu, Northern Osthrobotnia. He is specialised in the arctic way of music, dance, stories and culture of northern Finland. He leads the prize winning folk music band Rällä and also pursues a solo career combining music and storytelling of the North.

His main instrument is the fiddle, but he also plays kantele, accordions, harmonium, nordic bagpipe and sings. With fiddle he specialises in the various fiddle styles of the vast Northern Ostrobothnia region and with kantele in ancient improvisation.


2017 Spelarit, Patriarkaalinen Kausi

2019 Uncle Ruby, Uncle Ruby

2021 Rällä, Tanssikone

2023 Rällä, Kansanmussiikkia Oulusta

Wednesday 25.9.


Duration: 75 minutes

Storytelling: Stories from the NorthOsmo Hakosalo, Anna-Maria Toivonen & Brent Ó Caiside

Bar Café Hemingway’s

Free Entry

Arrive early to be seated.

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