Tales & Tea

Grab yourself a cup of tea at Paljetti Restaurant, bring your imagination and join storytellers , and for a Saturday morning storytelling session in Culture Centre Valve. Families, adults and children of all ages are welcome to be enchanted with stories of myth, adventure and legend.
Oral storytelling bridges the past to the present using imagination as a creative way to entertain and make sense of our surroundings, events and unexplainable phenomena found in nature. In olden days, it was a major form of entertainment and simply put, a good story always survives the quest of time.
This event is in English
Saturday 7.10. 11:30
Valveen Paljetti, Kulttuuritalo Valve
Duration: 45 minutes
Free Entry.
Puhelin: +358 50 380 1908| Sähköposti: | Brent Cassidy, Artistic Director
Postiosoite: The Irish Festival of Oulu, PL 42, 90015 Oulun kaupunki | Käyntiosoite: Kulttuuritalo Valve, Hallituskatu 7
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