Eamonn Keenan

Come away, come away, to hear ancient stories of gods and goddesses, heroes, the Sidh, fairies, ghosts, witches, Silkies, death and love. Eamonn invites you to join him as he tells tales to amuse and surprise.
As a child Eamonn learned the history, culture, traditions, mythology. lore and tales of Irish storytelling from his father; a much-loved Irish singer and seancaithe. Since 1996 Eamonn has been passing on the bright knowledge, telling stories to people at home in Ireland, England, Finland, Australia, Morocco and the USA.
Eamonn’s way of telling stories is engaging, gentle, dramatic, fun, bawdy, emotive and filled with the values of love, humour and wonder. He has an ability to connect myths and folk stories to the seasons, places in the landscape, flora and fauna, relationships and modern-day realities.
Eamonn has also developed a repertoire of stories for children and adults based on his own experiences, as well as stories learned from other cultures. Some are humorous, some sad, all have lessons that express a deep regard for respecting our shared humanity.
Puhelin: +358 50 380 1908| Sähköposti: | Brent Cassidy, Artistic Director
Postiosoite: The Irish Festival of Oulu, PL 42, 90015 Oulun kaupunki | Käyntiosoite: Kulttuuritalo Valve, Hallituskatu 7
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