Improv Workshop: Storytelling Through Improvisation

With Órla McGovern
Ireland is rich with the tradition of storytelling - from pub to theatre, it is in the blood. The addition of new forms like the 'personal story' has made for an exciting time to be a teller and a listener. Join veteran teacher and performer Órla McGovern for a workshop examining the art of storytelling in a 'roots up' fashion through improvisation. We will make brand new stories, sharpen our storytelling skills, learn how to deepen connections, and tell spontaneous stories as a group.
Sunday 6.10. 10:00 – 13:00
Valve Mini Theatre, 2nd floor, Culture Centre Valve
Hinta: 40 €
Places: 18
Duration: 3 hours
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Recommended not only for those in the creative arts, but also for those interested in expanding those skills in all walks of life. Suitable for absolute beginners and as a fun refresher as an inspiring creative way to kick start your imagination.
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