Black 47

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Black 47 (2018)
When the taciturn Feeney (James Frecheville) deserts from fighting for the British Army in Afghanistan, he returns to a country ravaged and starving, with many of his own family among the dead. Outraged at the injustices he sees perpetrated by rent collectors, law enforcement, and English landowners, he seeks vengeance, pursued by former comrade Hannah (Hugo Weaving). Mixing history with the tropes of Westerns and revenge thrillers, Daly has created a significant and long overdue addition to the Irish canon.
Director: Lance Daly
Torstai 3.10. 19:00
Lauantai 5.10. 16:00
Elokuvateatteri Studio
Hinta: 5 €
Kesto: 99 minuuttia
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“An epic famine drama” – The Irish Times
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