Irish Music Society of Oulu

Irish Music Society of Oulu
Join us! The fueling power of the Irish Festival of Oulu is the Irish Music Society of Oulu.
Become a member of our Irish music and culture family, The Irish Music Society of Oulu.
Membership is valid for 1 year.
If you want to join, please contact us at
As a member, you will receive:
20% Discount price for festival tickets or festival pass (limit 1 per member)
Invited to Festival VIP event with officials, partners, musicians, etc of the fest
Advance updates, news, offers of The Irish Festival of Oulu and IMSO events
The satisfaction of being part of our Oulu Irish Music and Culture family, and the premier Irish Festival in the Nordic Countries.
Chairperson: Olli Rantala
Secretary: Minae Tani
Treasurer: Holly Conolly
Bookkeeper: Kreetta Askola
Member: Markus Lampela
Collecting member information
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On newsletter subscription forms we’ll need to explain clearly what the subscriber will receive.
Storing supporter information
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Communicating with supporters
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We must also be confident that we are giving our supporters a simple way to opt out of communications. For email newsletters, this should come in the form of an ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘manage preferences’ link at the bottom of the email.
Existing members and contacts
GDPR applies to historical data, not just data that has been collected after GDPR came into force. This means we may have to pro-actively contact our existing members and contacts to ensure that they have actively opted-in to the IMSO's possible marketing communications, etc.
Phone: +35846 902 3077 | Email: | Brent Cassidy, Festival Director
Send mail: The Irish Festival of Oulu, PO Box 42, 90015 City of Oulu, Finland | Visit: Culture Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7, Oulu
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