Irish storytelling for grown-ups: Mrs. Nellie Murphy

A Storyteller and Poet, in later years Mrs. Nellie Murphy traded in her fishmonger’s apron for the wild life of an artist! She travels the world to both ordinary and exotic stages to enjoy a good drink, mighty craic and the company of fine musicians and vagabonds.
Join infamous Irish storyteller Mrs. Nellie Murphy for an evening of stories old and new. From the classic tale to the wild whimsy, we invite you all for a warm welcome. Joining Nellie for each performance will be some very special guests.
Get ready for a mighty evening of stories and banter.
Torstai 4.10. klo 18:00 ja 19:45 (2 esitystä)
Tuba Food & Lounge
Hinta: 5€
Rajoitettu määrä paikkoja, varaa liput ennakkoon osoitteesta
Lippuja myynnissä ovelta jos esitys ei ole loppuunmyyty, vain käteinen.
Esitys on englanninkielinen.
Kesto: 75 minuuttia per esitys
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