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Legendary storyteller Eamonn Keenan returns to capture your imagination and heart with storytelling for all ages.
Join legendary Belfast storyteller Eamonn Keenan and friends for an entertaining evening of storytelling. Discover the magic of ancient Irish tales, stories from around the world and the Oulu favorite—The Grand National Finale at this very popular storytelling event.
Discounts on an Irish festival themed hamburger, dessert and drinks are available with your entrance ticket.
“Eamonn gave a spell-binding performance with a mixture of humour and drama and had the audience eating out of his hand…”
Chris Uden, UK
Wednesday 5.10.
Café Rooster
Hinta: 5 €
(Limited seating, pre-order tickets through . Tickets available at the door if not sold out, cash only.)
Two performances:
1. 18:00 – 19:15
2. 19:45 – 21:00
No Late Admissions
Duration: 75 minutes per performance
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