How to Keep an Alien

Rough Magic Theatre Company presents: How to Keep an Alien by Sonya Kelly
How to Keep an Alien is a funny and tender autobiographical tale in which Irish Sonya and Australian Kate meet and fall in love, but Kate’s visa is up and she must leave the country. Now all they have to do is prove it to the government that they have the right to live together in Ireland. Join her madcap odyssey from the stony townlands of Offaly to the leafy depths of the Queensland bush. It’s a tricky business coming from opposite ends of the earth. It takes an Olympian will and the heart of whale, but above all else, paperwork. It takes a hell of a lot of paperwork.
WINNER Best Production (Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014)
''A real-life tale of love beyond the legal system that will have you in stitches and melt your heart... a must watch''
-Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
perjantai 7.10. 18:00
lauantai 8.10. 18:00
Hinta: 18 € / 12 €
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*12 € for S-Etukortti / Oulun Sähkönmyynti benefit customers
Doors open at 17:45
No Late Admissions
Duration: 75 minutes
Language: English
Näytelmä on englanninkielinen.
Written and performed by Sonya Kelly
Directed by Gina Moxley
Produced by Rough Magic Theatre Company
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