Irlantilaisen tanssin viikonloppukurssi

Lace up your shoes, it’s time to dance! Whether you want to learn the basics or advance your technique, you’ll have a fun weekend dancing amongst friends.
There are 3 levels:
1. Ceili dancing (5 hrs)
All beginners with little or no experience in Irish dancing. In this course you will learn traditional Irish group dances. Gerard Butler, internationally renowned and 9 time All-Ireland award-winning dancer will teach the course. Kurssi opetetaan englannin kielellä
*Sean nós introduction: All beginners in the Ceili class will get a 2 hour introduction to Irish Old style dancing on Sunday from 11:00 – 13:00 with Gerard Butler.
2. & 3. Step dancing – Two levels: primary (level 2) & intermediate/advanced (level 3)
directed at dancers with experience. Ciaran Connolly, professional dancer, and Heidi Aaltonen, award-winning dancer and teacher, will teach the step dancing courses.


Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler on matkustanut ympäri maailmaa vieden eteenpäin lahjakkuuttaan tanssin saralla, ja hänellä on myös yhdeksän All-Ireland palkintoa eri tanssilajeista. Rakkautensa musiikkiin ja tanssiin Gerard on perinyt Seamus-isältään ja edesmenneeltä Lila-äidiltään.
Isä opetti nuorelle Gerardille ceéili- ja set-tanssia, ja äiti seuratansseja. Gerard alkoi itse opettaa tanssia 17-vuotiaana, ja on nykyään ammattimainen tanssinopettaja. Opettamisen lisäksi mies on mukana järjestämässä tanssiviikonloppuja eri puolilla Irlantia ja tekee paljon työtä The Hospice Charityn hyväksi Butlerin suvun kanssa. Gerard myös juontaa irlantilaisen musiikin radio-show’ta sunnuntaiaamuisin Elite Country Radio -kanavalla.
Ciaran Connolly
New Zealand born Ciaran Connolly received training from his mothers's dance school where he still serves as a teaching artist & dancing coach.
At a young age he was always looking for the opportunity to express himself creatively, for him that was dance.
He landed his first major role with Riverdance, which lead him to Lord of the Dance where he preformed the principal lead role and dance captain.
He is one of very few chosen to perform in all three of Michael Flatley's productions Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames and Celtic Tiger where he toured all seven continents and was resident in Broadway and Las Vegas.
He then went to the west end to co choreograph an Irish/African fused show called Stormforce, Moving again on to Prodijigs debut tour of Footstorm, with a special feature role.
One of the most fun roles to play he said.
He continued to explore other forms of expression, this move reflected a shift toward contemporary dance, which brought him to the Marrow dance company L.A then on to a new adventure as an aerialist with Fidget Feet aerial dance company.
He has just finished his own debut tour of Irish Celtic Generation.
A show that he has choreographed.
Heidi Aaltonen
Heidi started dance training at the age of nine with classical ballet, but fell in love with Irish dance when she first saw Riverdance and has been dancing ever since. Heidi has been competing internationally for many years and performing with different groups. Currently, she teaches and competes in both solos and team dancing under the Inspiral dance company and is trained by Tereza Bernardova. When teaching, Heidi gives her pupils a good foundation for technique, but also makes sure everyone is enjoying the dancing itself, no matter if they wish to compete or just do it for fun.
Pe 7.10. 18:00–20:00
La 8.10. 14:00–17:00
Su 9.10. 11:00–13:00
Valveen tanssistudiot 1, 2 & 3
Hinta: 40 €
Places / osallistujamäärä: 30 per level / taso
Groups / ryhmät: 1) Ceili and 2) primary or 3) intermediate / advanced
Teachers: Gerard Butler, Ciaran Connolly, Heidi Aaltonen
Culture Centre Valve Dance Studios 1, 2 & 3
Fri 7.10. 18:00–20:00
Sat 8.10. 14:00–17:00
Sun 9.10. 11:00–13:00
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