Poets, pipers... and something more

An Oulu Festival Retrospective with Anthony Johnson and friends
Poetry and music have always been a popular combination in the Festival Especially with the participation of many of Ireland’s greatest contemporary poets such as Pultizer Prize-winner Paul Muldoon, Michael and Edna Longley, Tony Curtis, Mary O’Malley, Harry Clifton, Theo Dorgan, Gerald Dawe, Patrick Deeley and John Montague (award winners all), have offered their distinctive voices to the throng.
Traditionally spiced with Irish music by Anthony Johnson and friends, this year will be no exception, adding to the mix expert readings by invited speakers. Come and enjoy this retrospective of stunning poetry by past contributors; specially crafted music; memorials for those whom the Festival has loved and lost (most recently the Poet-Piper duo Séamus Heaney and Liam O’Flynn); and an ongoing celebration of the beauty and power of Irish culture.
Keskiviikko 3.10. klo 18:00
Hinta: 7€ / 5€
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Ovet avataan 17:50
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‘…so whether he calls it spirit music
Or not, I don’t care. He took it
Out of wind off mid-Atlantic.
Still he maintains, from nowhere.
It comes off the bow gravely,
Rephrases itself into the air.’
[Séamus Heaney, ‘The Given Note’]
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