Improvised Theatre Workshop (advanced)

Less Is More - Improvisation Workshop with Órla Mc Govern
This workshop is suitable for those who already have some performance and improvisation experience.In this workshop, we will fine-tune our stage presence and listening skills. We will discover the great moments of theatre and comedy that exist in silence. We will work as a group to explore exactly what we find interesting to watch and be on stage. How can we bring this ‘presence’ to more of our scenes and games? How can we surprise ourselves at the same time as the audience? How can we move on from the ‘same old thing’ in improv and always find fresh and exciting ways to improvise each moment?The skills of listening, observation, composition, and play will all be exercised. We will move with the whole body and work as an ensemble. We will find ease in our improvisation styles and magnify the joy for ourselves and our audiences!
Sunday 7.10. 10:00 – 13:00
Valve Mini Theatre, 2nd floor Culture Centre Valve
Hinta: 40 €
Places: 18
Duration: 3 hours
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