Inside I’m Racing

Inside I’m Racing (2017)
A young autistic boy fascinated with motorsport unexpectedly finds a chance to put his passion to the test. Fifteen-year-old Jamie is autistic. Isolated from the world, he devotes all his time to his special interest– race cars. His room is shrouded with posters, magazines, technical charts and he spends hours playing car racing video games. As the adults discuss about what to do with Jamie’s ongoing therapy, they lose sight of Jamie for a moment. After a few anxious moments they see him... behind the wheel of a race-car heading out onto the track. Jamie not only loves race cars and knows everything about them, he’s a driver.
Official Selection 33rd Boston Film Festival 2017
Writer/Director: Aleksander Szeser
Keskiviikko 3.10. klo 18:00
Torstai 4.10. klo 18:00
Elokuvateatteri Studio
Vapaa pääsy
kesto: 18 minuuttia
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