Dónal Denham: 1916: Ireland Strikes for Her Freedom

The story of The 1916 Rising is told through the eyes of a 19-year-old Dublin boy, Ted Tuke, Volunteer no.79 in The Irish Citizen Army, founding member of Fianna Éireann and founding member of the first Irish pipe band, the Fintan Lalor Pipe Band.
Ted fought alongside Countess Markiewitz and Commandant Michael Mallin in Stephen’s Green and was imprisoned in Knutsford Gaol and Frongoch in North Wales and returned to Ireland to continue the struggle for Irish Freedom. Ted’s narrative is told by his grandson Dónal Denham, former Ambassador of Ireland.
Dónal Denham
• Served as Ambassador of Ireland to Finland and to Lithuania & Belarus, and as Consul General, San Francisco. Established two Irish diplomatic missions, Lithuania (2005) and Zambia (1980). Over 40 years experience in European Union affairs.
• Government service in mainstream economic ministry and in foreign postings to Geneva, Washington, Brussels, Lusaka and Paris and including multilateral diplomacy in the context of United Nations, WHO, ILO, World Bank, IMF, European Union (all 7 presidencies since 1975), humanitarian institutions, including RC and IFRC, and non-governmental organisations.
• Strong track record in policy analysis, formulation and development, in particular in humanitarian affairs, human rights, regulatory reform, and international relations.
• Pioneering work on asylum issues, on international human rights reporting and ratification of agreements and on creation of UN monitoring machinery.
• Pivotal role in formulation of Irish development co-operation policy, including launch and supervision of a sustained programme in Zambia and funding support to international humanitarian organisations.
Torstai 6.10. 13:00
Oulu University Faculty of Education, Room Ktk 112
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Duration: 60 minutes
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