The Summit

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The Summit (2012)
In 2008 eleven climbers died in twenty-four hours in what was the worst mountaineering disaster ever on K2, the world’s second highest mountain, a tragedy that is the subject of this investigative documentary. Interviews, found footage, and reconstructions build on the here-up-to scant information about the climb in explaining the various accidents that befell the climbers and how they came to be trapped in a high-altitude ‘death zone’. Ger O’Donnell, the first Irishman to conquer K2, is the point around which The Summit revolves as it performs this exploration. The Summit mixes an exploration of the psyche, which sends people up K2 with a slowly unravelling mystery, as a web of imprecise and even contradictory information is untangled in telling a story of bravery amidst life-threatening risk.
“A Pulse Pounding Success” – The New York Times
World Cinema Documentary Prize for Editing, Sundance Film Festival, 2013
Best Feature Documentary, Irish Film and Television Awards, 2013
95 minutes, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland
Producer: Nick Ryan
Writer: Mark Monroe
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